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Q: What is Wan Zi Hui?

Wan Zi Hui Global Seaweed Trading is a one-stop seaweed wholesale and service platform where provides multiple types of seaweeds, intelligent cold storage, customization and processing service, and communications.


Q: What are the customized services and where to find them?

Wan Zi Hui provides dry seaweed selection, roasting service, package service, seasoning and reselling service etc.   

More customization services, please contact the customer service.

PS: Customized Services

Q: Are the received goods the same as the sales pictures?

Yes, the pictures on Wan Zi Hui are real shots of spot products to the maximum extent to reveal authenticity of products.       

Q: What is Wan Zi Hui grade and what are the differences between Wan Zi Hui and other grading systems?

All the sales seaweeds on Wan Zi Hui adopts unified grading standard and it breaks disunity rules on seaweed market.

This standard strictly unifies the existing multiple standards according to Chinese standard, seaweed industry standard and Japanese standard. 

Q: How do ordinary members purchase products?

Ordinary members only can view product list and industry information and have no rights to purchase products or participate in other activities. You can go to Membership Center to upgrade as trading members, auction members or VIP members.

Q: What to do if not satisfied with purchased products?

All the products on Wan Zi Hui are spot trading and please read product details carefully before purchasing;

Our products pass Wan Zi Hui unified grading system. You can compare the purchased products with grades and there is no great difference.  

Any question, please contact your exclusive business manager.

Q: Purchased quantity is large and can I take delivery of goods several times?

Products of fixed price trading cannot be delivered several times.

You can contact with your business manager and submit the delivery application for bargaining and auction products. You can take delivery of goods according to delivery application;

In addition, Wan Zi Hui provides free intelligent cold storage service for several days.

Q: Why do I have no rights to purchase products from time to time ?

1. You may reach purchase quantity limitation. We have set purchase quantity limitation to meet the demands for a majority of suppliers. If you have reached purchase quantity limitation, you have no rights to purchase.

2. The products have been out of stock or sold out. These products have not been off shelf in time because of system reasons. So you have no rights to purchase. Please select products in stock.

Q: What to do if mymembership expired?

Membership period is certain (except Ordinary Members);

You can choose to renew after the expiry date;

If you do not renew, you will become Ordinary Member.

Q: What to do if you forgets password?

If you have forgotten the password, please click “Forget the Password” to retrieve the password via message or e-mail certification.

If you do not have the bound phone or e-mail, please contact with customer service and submit the register application.

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Any questions, please contact Wan Zi Hui online customer service or call TEL: +86-513-85327670