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Views:3604 Author:WZH Publish Date:2016-12-29

how to publish information and what to notice

Content publish:
1.Purchase information;
2.Problems during seaweed cultivation and production;
3.Methods and suggestions of problems;
4.Brand recommendation and display;
5.Contribution to articles of Industry Information. 

Publish procedures:
1.Send the demand information to e-mail: wzh@qqzc360.com;
2.Check the information, reedit and publish information which meets the requirements of Wan Zi Hui;
3.Assign staff to your company for a visit and edit an article to give an introduction about your culture for those members who have demands for demand culture; 
4.The rights to delete and revise information once published; 

Special tips:
1, All the copy right of original picture/edited articles, chart belongs to Wan Zi Hui, if reproduced, please mark the author: Wan Zi Hui Network Technology Co.,Ltd;
2, All the article with “from” are reproduce article. And the promise of these articles is to transmit more industry information, but does not mean Wan Zi Hui is responsible for these opinions and reality.