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Supplier Guide

Views:3671 Author:WZH Publish Date:2016-12-29

√How to enter Wan Zi Hui

1. Application Conditions

*de jure limited liability company or joint-stock company

*equipped with seaweed production qualification and production capability

*consistent with national quality grade standard

2. How to Apply for Entrance  

*Corporations that meet the above-mentioned conditions download "Wan Zi Hui Member Entrance Application Sheet", truthfully fill in and email it to wzh@qqzc360.com.

*Wan Zi Hui will contact you within 15 workdays and assign commissioners to your company to check qualification.

*After audit success, Wan Zi Hui will sign an entrance agreement with you.

√Supplier Rights

1. Free and Unified Product Grading   

All the sales dried seaweeds on Wan Zi Hui Global Seaweed Trading adopt unified grading standard and try to standardize the present industry standards, which can help suppliers fully recognize raw material values and sensibly sell and use products. 

2. Extensive Sales Platform

Wan Zi Hui Global Seaweed Trading is a large and one-stop seaweeds wholesales service platform and gathers many purchasers and suppliers from home and abroad.

3. 10,000 ton Cold Storage Guaranteeing Dried Seaweeds Quality 

Wan Zi Hui is possessed with intelligent cold storage which can stock 30,000 cartons of seaweeds at the same time to prolong storage period and solve the problems of stock.

4. Industry Communication, Exchange Information

Wan Zi Hui updates industry information from time to time to make users master industry new technologies, new policies and news more timely, accurately and quickly. And it provides a platform for communication and consultation.   


√Supplier Duties

1. Provide true and valid product information;

2. Accept professional inspection on products, and unqualified products unconditionally returned to suppliers;

3. Support Wan Zi Hui after-sales service;

Thanks for your concern for us!

Look forward to your participation in Wan Zi Hui and develop global seaweed business together!