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Platform Service Agreement

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Wan Zi Hui Network Technology CO., Ltd (Abbr as Wan Zi Hui) reminds you (Customer) please read the Customer Service Terms (hereinafter referred to as Agreement") and ensure to understand terms and conditions of this Agreement before register.

Please read and understand Terms, especially in bold.

1, Acceptance of the Terms

1.1 Your register, login and operation on website by whatever means and your use of services indicates that you have fully read, understood and agreed to accept the terms and conditions of this Agreement (collectively the "Terms").

1.2 Wan Zi Hui has the right to amend any Terms in accordance with changes in national laws and regulations and its business needs. The amended and restated Terms shall take effect upon you agree with such amendment and replace the original Agreement. You can read the latest Terms on Wan Zi Hui website. If you disagree with the latest Terms, you will have no rights to enjoy the service that Wan Zi Hui provides.


2, Account Management

2.1 To protect your rights and interests, do not use such simple passwords as repetitive or consecutive numbers. You shall keep your passwords confidential and do not reveal passwords to others. You shall be held responsible for all the serious consequences arising from not keeping the passwords well.


2.2 You shall change your passwords according to Wan Zi Hui rules. Please immediately inform and authorize Wan Zi Hui to synchronize such information to our websites in the event you discover any unauthorized use of your login name, user name and password or any other situation that constitutes a breach of the confidentiality provisions between you and Wan Zi Hui.


2.3 When you browse or shop on our website, Wan Zi Hui shall keep such information confidential as true name/identity, address, TEL and e-mail. Wan Zi Hui shall not disclose user privacy information to others, unless we get your authority or as otherwise provided for by law.  


2.4 Customers agree that Wan Zi Hui shall have the right to send order information or promotion activities to those who register, shop and deliver via e-mails, messages or phones.


2.5 Customers shall not lend the registered account to others, otherwise you should bear all the liabilities and the actual user shall bear joint liability.


2.6 Customers agree that Wan Zi Hui shall have the right to use your registered information, name, and passwords to login to your account to preserve evidence, including but not limited to testimony.   


2.7 Wan Zi Hui unilaterally terminates this Agreement via account cancellation:

①When Customers breach this Agreement, Wan Zi Hui shall have the right to suspend or terminate this customer service. If this customer register  in the name of other people, Wan Zi Hui shall have right to suspend or terminate customer service again.

②Once found the registration information is false, Wan Zi Hui shall have the right to terminate this customer’s service.

③Other conditions that Wan Zi Hui shall consider to terminate service.

2.8 You agree that upon termination of the contractual relationship between you and us, WAN ZI HUI shall have the right to:

①Retain your information;

Claim against you in accordance with this Agreement, for any illegal act or breach of this Agreement and/or rules during your use of the services.


3, Product Information

3.1 Such price, quantity and stock quantity as product information are the potential change at any time. And there is no special notice. Although Wan Zi Hui shall try its best to ensure that browsing information is accurate, content on this website may be lagging or error due to Internet technology and other objective reasons.


4, OrderValidity Rule

4.1 When you place an order, please confirm the product name, price, quantity, size, spec, address, telephone number and consignee.

4.2 Understand and agree with the order validity rule on Wan Zi Hui:

①Product information on Wan Zi Hui (like product name, price, description) is only potential offer invitation. When you order goods on us, confirm purchase and submit the order successfully (including order quantity, price, payment method, consignee, contact and address), it means that customers send the order offer to merchants.

②When customers finish payment, Wan Zi Hui sends the notice that product needs customized or delivered or delivers products to specified address, it means the merchants have confirmed the order and the order takes effective.

③When customers agreed with Wan Zi Hui about quantity, unit price, total price and customized information in bargaining trading, Wan Zi Hui audits the bargaining order and you shall finish the payment within a specified time, otherwise the order will be cancelled.

When customers get the message of winning in auction trading, you shall finish all the payment and related funds within valid time of order. Wan Zi Hui shall consider you overdue to give up this auction and the pre-paid deposits shall not be returned.

4.3 You have the right to cancel the order in the following situations:

①Reach a consensus with Wan Zi Hui;

②Before Wan Zi Hui confirmation on the order.

4.4 Wan Zi Hui has the right to cancel the order in the following situations:

①Reach a consensus with Customer;

②False product information or out of stock ;

③False order information or order quantity exceeding stock quantity;

④No payment received within a specified time.

4.5 Wan Zi Hui also has the right to cancel the order in the following situations:

①Force majeure risks, website system error, website attraction or other uncontrollable conditions;

Customer's operation not in accordance with principle of justice or principle of honesty and credibility;

③Other released or updated rules now or in the future.

4.6 Except this Agreement or other agreements, you understand and guarantee not to use Wan Zi Hui account to go on business, making money, and other unauthorized behavior, including but not limited to:

①Your any promotional information (including but not limited to member points, rebate and voucher) rights of explanation and revision is reserved by Wan Zi Hui, and you only have rights to use them. It is forbidden to sell Wan Zi Hui account, member points, rebate, voucher and other discount coupon and gift cards or to use Wan Zi Hui account to go on business activities.

②Any download, reproduce, collection, derivative use, copy, sell, resell or other forms of uses of product catalogue, description, price, quantity, user information and other information, no matter whether through Robots, Spiders, automatic instrument or manual operation;

If you do not abide by the above terms, Wan Zi Hui shall have rights to suspend or terminate your account, freeze account balance, cancel the transaction order and stop delivery.

5,Intellectual Properties

5.1 Wan Zi Hui, as the author of this website and the owner of copyright of this website content and resources, is protected by national laws and shall have rights to amend this Agreement and content which are posted on this website and no need to notify customers. Wan Zi Hui reserves the final explanation to this Agreement and content to the maximum extent in the current regulations and range permitted of law.


5.2 In addition to mandatory provisions, it is not allowed to copy, transmit, cite, link, grab or utilize any content without specified written authorization. Otherwise, any offenders will undertake all the legal responsibilities for the loss.


5.3 Any content on this website (data, text, software, music, audio, photo, images, videos, expressions or other materials) is all the property of Wan Zi Hui and content providerS and protected by Chinese and international laws. All the content compilation on the website is the exclusive property and protected by Chinese and international laws. All the software is the property of Wan Zi Hui, its related companies or other software supplier and protected by Chinese and international laws.



6.1 Wan Zi Hui may link other international websites or resources. Unless otherwise stated, Wan Zi Hui shall have no right to control the services provided by those third parties, so the loss or damage caused by those websites and Wan Zi Hui shall not bear any responsibility.

6.2 Customers shall keep your own account and password, strengthen password security and be aware of account revealed or stolen. Wan Zi Hui shall not bear any liabilities for any loss because of revealed or stolen account. Any loss caused by communications error, network or computer error, unstable system, force majeure (like computer crash) shall not be borne by Wan Zi Hui.    

6.3 Wan Zi Hui shall not be responsible for any account and property loss caused by lack in identity verifications or untrue information.

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