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Privacy Statement

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Welcome to Wan Zi Hui Global Seaweed Trading!

Wan Zi Hui Global Seaweed Trading (abbr:Wan Zi Hui ) reminds you: You must read carefully and fully understand this agreement before using this website. By using any of services provided by Wan Zi Hui, you  must have agreed with the entire content of Privacy Statement.

◆ Service

You should understand and agree with obligation and rights in website statement, agreement and policy through Wan Zi Hui product and service and abide by all the statement, agreement and policy in the website.

◆ Terms

1. Confirmation and Acceptance of Privacy Statement

Respect user’s privacy of this website is our basic policy. When you finish the register, you have understood Privacy Statement, come to an agreement and accepted all the service terms.

2. Collecting Information

To provide better service for you, Wan Zi Hui collects information on your own wills to select service or provide information. Considering importance of Wan Zi Hui membership service, you agree: (1) to provide timely, detailed and accurate personal and company information; (2)to authorize Wan Zi Hui reveal basic information to third parties. You accept information service provided by Wan Zi Hui membership service. 

3. User Privacy System

Wan Zi Hui strictly guarantees user privacy rights and take sensible measures to protect personal information. Wan Zi Hui shall not publish, edit or reveal any private information saved in Wan Zi Hui membership service, except laws demands or Wan Zi Hui regarding the following situations as necessary based on integrity: (1) to abide by legal provisions and legal service procedures; (2) to maintain ownership of trademark; (3) to protect user and the public privacy; (4) to meet the requirement of other legal procedures.

 4. Use of Cookie

You may access "Cookies” or other similar technologies set by third parties on Wan Zi Hui website. Wan Zi Hui cannot control the use of Cookies. If you choose to bid, purchase or sell on the website, we will collect related data.

5. User Account, Password and Security

If you register as Wan Zi Hui user, you will have an account and password. Every user should be responsible for all the activities and operations. Once you find any illegal operations on account or security flaws, please inform Wan Zi Hui asap.

6. Information Security 

Your data are saved in Wan Zi Hui server. Wan Zi Hui adopts industry standards to protect privacy of personal information like “Firewall” and secure socket later. However, there does not exist "absolute safe" on the internet. Wan Zi Hui strongly encourages using anti-virus software and personal firewalls to protect your system.  

7.Protection of Minors

Wan Zi Hui values the protection of personal information of minors. If you are a minor, you have no rights to use Wan Zi Hui service. And we hope you do not provide any information.

8. End of Service

Wan Zi Hui provides membership service. If you would like to suspend service for personal reasons, this year’s membership fee will not be returned. For those who have pre-paid for annual fee, fee before this year(including this year) will be deducted and the rest will be returned.

When you end the service, your rights of membership service are suspended. Wan Zi Hui bear no obligation from your end of service.

9. Scope of Application

In addition to specified services, Privacy Policy applies to all services of the platform. Specified services will be suitable for specified privacy policy. The specified privacy policies constitute a part of Wan Zi Hui Privacy Policy. If any specified privacy policy is inconsistent with Wan Zi Hui Privacy Policy, specified privacy policy will be the preference.

Wan Zi Hui privacy policy will not apply to the following situations: information collected by third parties (including any third parties) linked by our service; information collected by other companies and institutions linked by our service.

10. Revisions to Privacy Statement

Wan Zi Hui may revise Privacy Statement from time to time. Once the revised Privacy Statement will be publicized on the platform, we will give a hint before user enters the next page. You have rights to accept or reject, and if you want to continue Wan Zi Hui services, two items are needed to confirm:

(1) Wan Zi Hui customer service terms and its change;

(2) the acceptance of all the service term restrictions. 


◆ Others

This Statement applies to Law of People’s Republic of China. User and Wan Zi Hui agree to abide by Law of People’s Republic of China. If any terms collide with Law of People’s Republic of China, these terms will reinterpret and other terms are legally enforceable. We reserve the rights to revise the above disclaimer and other terms.