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Thanks for using Wan Zi Hui!

Wan Zi Hui Global Seaweed Trading (abbr.Wan Zi Hui) is one of the world’s largest one-stop trading service platform which engages in providing ordered, regulated, and safe trading environment.

Wan Zi Hui adheres to the principle of "User First" and provides high quality laver products, industry information, various customized service and pre-sale, sale, after sales service.



Different membership, different services. We have professional employees providing you with suitable material, advice, customized service according to your request.



We are trying our best to provide you high quality products, and you can choose your delivery way: self pick up or Wan Zi Hui logistics. 10,000-ton hi-tech cold storage makes sure your products fresh as it was.



Our products are all real picture of actual product and they pass qualification audit. All the procedure is visible including: original place information, supplier qualification, inspection and grading, storage information and quality tracking.