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Customized Service

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wan zi hui global trading can provide high quality dry seaweed service for you

◆  1. What is Customized Service?

Wan Zi Hui Global Seaweed Trading can provide a series of dry seaweed services as material picking,  professional roasting, special saucing, customer-made package and so on. According to customers' demands, every procedure, from raw material to final products, from saucing to package, adopts high standard technique to satisfy customers. 

◆ 2.Where to choose Customized Service?

 choose Customized Service

◆ 3.What rules should you pay attention to?

(1) In fixed price trading, type A and B are the all quantities order, which means the customized quantity must be equal to and not less than the order quantity in these two types of customized service.

(2)In bargaining and auction trading, you can choose the customized quantity on your own demands. Type C also can be personalized customization.

(3)The customized orders can be cancelled before payment. If you have paid for this order, the order will take effect and cannot be cancelled.

◆ 4.Who are more suitable for customized service?

A. Members who want to increase product added value after purchasing raw material;

B. Members who prefer final products and do not know how to select raw material;

C. Members who want to expand production diversification but are restricted by cost and scale;

D. Members who want to save labor and investment costs;

E. Members who want to increase product value.

◆ 5. What are the advantages of customized service?

A. Equal quality, price is more competitive;

B. Standard production, high quality and efficient customized service;

C. Strong supply chain, traceable source system;

D. Timely application of advanced technology, deep processing technology.