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How to Pay

Views:3345 Author:WZH Publish Date:2017-02-23

Dear Wan Zi Hui members:

We provide convenient payment methods for you when you purchase seaweeds and enjoy services like customized service in WAN ZI HUI Global Seaweed Trading. You need to check payment amount and payment environment before payment.

1. Payemnt method

1.1. Online payment-Alipay

You can pay for the purchased goods by Alipay.

Remark: Check your account and payment amount before payment; ensure the payment environment is safe and reliable.

1.2. Off-line payment-bank transfer/account transfer

You can pay for the purchased goods by bank transfer or account transfer.

Beneficiary's account: 537869618158

Adress: Bank of China, Nantong development zone branch

Remark: Check your account and payment amount before transfer.

Don't transfer to such individual accounts as other people's, staff's and manager's accounts.

▏2. Payment process

2.1 The trading is in accordance with Wan Zi Hui trading rules.

2.2 After the order is created, you need to pay for the order in a certain period. If the period is due, you will have no rights for payment. (The period restriction is seen on the page of  [My order] , or you can contact business manager.

2.3 Online payment is Alipay. Off-line payment needs to fill in remitter, remittance account and upload remittance note.

2.4 After Wan Zi Hui checks the payment, it is regarded as a successful pay.

▏3. Reasons of payment audit failed

3.1 The uploaded document does not correspond to actual amount. (Unclear document, unclear price number or unclear bank account and so on)

3.2 Wan Zi Hui does not receive payment from remitter or remittance account.

3.3The transfer account does not correspond to the order amount or amount that you promised to your manager.

3.4 Other reasons that lead to a failed payment.


Any questions, please contact your exclusive business manager.