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Wan Zi Hui Global Seaweed Trading(abbr.Wan Zi Hui), established by Jiangsu Wan Zi Hui Network Technology CO.,Ltd, is a one-stop seaweed wholesale and service platform where provides multiple types of seaweeds, intelligent cold storage, value added service, customization and processing service, and communications. 

◆Wan Zi Hui provides the following service for you:    
1.High-standard source of seaweeds
You can choose to become our supplier or member and do seaweed trading. All the seaweeds on platform are spot products and re-grading. They are the real reaction of product grades and quality.
2.10,000-ton cold storage guaranteeing quality
3.Multiple types of customized service    
Each step of seaweed production process (seaweed selection, roasting, seasoning) shall be found on Wan Zi Hui, which can help you save production cost. 

◆Traceable spot trading, intelligent cold storage guaranteeing quality
Through the Internet, Wan Zi Hui gathers information like place of origin, harvest date, storage time and so on to complete a traceable quality system.

All the sales products are spot trading and real-time updating to truly reflect product quality; Wan Zi Hui warehouse delivers goods which guarantees the goods consistent with the sales goods. Multi-ensuring measures guarantee our quality.

◆Quick acquisition of industry information, learning to communicate with development   
Wan Zi Hui will publish industry dynamic to make you quickly grasp seaweed industry development and adjust or improve strategic layout; Wan Zi Hui provides a convenient platform for those who plant seaweeds and learn processing technology experience to make you change production technology and win a better chance for development.

It is time-saving and effort-saving to seek superior seaweed source after you join us; it is safe and convenient to seek power buyer; Advanced processing, intelligent cold-storage and customization services are available for you so that problems perplexing you will be solved. And your seaweed career is ever more flourishing.    

Wan Zi Hui global seaweed trading, with the vision of promoting seaweed industry development, shoulders the responsibility of making people around the world enjoy seaweeds nutrition and taste. Keep innovation and development.

Wan Zi Hui escorts your seaweed bushiness!

◆Wan Zi Hui adheres to the principle of "Customer First" and provides superior seaweed products, latest industry news, diverse product customization, and intimate pre-sales, on-sales, after-sales service.
1.Consulting Service
Wan Zi Hui provides corresponding consulting service for different members. The specialist consulting customers services are for you. We would like to select appropriate seaweed materials, make roasting plan recommendation and other specialist demands.

2. Quality Assurance
Wan Zi Hui shall try our best to provide superior products and adopt different delivery methods by customers’ choices. Delivering goods from warehouse by self or choosing Wan Zi Hui logistics. 10,000-ton cold storage guarantees the freshness of seaweed materials.  

3.Service Commitment
Published and displayed seaweeds are spot products and all products are through strict audit before putting them on shelves. From original place, supplier qualification, product grading and cold storage to delivery, every process can be monitored so that product source can be traced. Quality and safety can be guaranteed.  

Wan Zi Hui believes that high-quality, systematical, overall and convenient service is the base of development. We will create a top seaweed industry internet platform supported by strict management, advanced technology and large supplier chain.