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Evaluation: High Oil, High Salt and Worrisome Hygienic Index

Views:2015 From:CHINA CONSUMER JOURNAL Publish Date:2017-09-11


In recent days, “Best Living Laboratory”along with “China Consumer Journal”launch an evaluation activity about the selling seaweeds in the market and they purchase 10 kinds of seaweeds and evaluate them and there are 1 from Thailand, 2 from China and 7 from South Korea.
The evaluation items involve such three aspect information as nutrition labeling, foretaste and aerobic bacterial count.
Evaluation Results:
1.Many samples adding cooking oil and some high oil
From the result, the Chinese and Thailand seaweeds are not the content of cooking oil, while most seaweeds from South Korea add more than one kind of cooking oil and some package leaks oil because of too much oil content.
2.Some samples high salt
Evaluation personnel compare with 10 kinds of seaweeds for nutrition labeling. It is found that some brand content of Na is high and it means it is high salt for customers. For example, the package of one kind seaweed remarks that there are 47mg Na per 2g seaweeds and NRV is 2%. So it means RNV is 117% per 100g seaweeds. Therefore, acceptable daily intake of salt is almost the half demand quantity for an adult and the whole day demand quantity for a minor.
3.Some samples worrisome hygienic index

High aerobic bacterial count will affect navel and stomach function especially for those poor immunity children. The evaluation samples  are sent to National grain and oil standards research and verification test center to go on the evaluation of aerobic bacterial count, which shows that there exists high aerobic bacterial count among some samples and some are over high value.

Specialists suggest:
When choosing food for children, parents should: see the food labeling clearly and purchase regular products; learn to watch the list of ingredients including high protein, low fat and low Na. The packaged foods can not be the main source of nutrition and the beat way to intake nutrients is to uptake nutrition from fresh, natural food and simple processed fresh food, which is the safest and cheapest way.