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Somatic Cell Seedling in Porphyra Yezoensis

Views:1276 Author:WZH Publish Date:2017-11-01

Somatic cell seedling is one of seedling raising manners in laver culture, and it is through  enzymolysis for somatic cells of thallus of porphyra yezoensis to separate into individual cells and directly developed into the seedling. This method is to use the principle of cellular totipotency and the seedlings from the method of cell seedling are equal to the seedlings from the method of  conchospore seedling.


The choosing and preservation of brook stock

The brook stocks of porphyra yezoensis will be those from mid-February to early April in Jiangsu and the brook stocks of porphyra haitanensis will be the 30-40 day seedling in the early and middle October; choosing the brook stocks may pay attention to season, size and health degree of brook stocks.

And the brook stock should be small and the surface should be glossy, flexible and no unwanted-alga.  

Recovery of brook stock
The refrigerated brook stocks will be soaked in natural seawater with the temperature form 10℃ to 20℃ and reselect them. And put them into disinfectant seawater of the 1.206 proportion (N—NO-310ppm,P—PO-41ppm) for 2-3 days and the culture condition is light 1000~2000 lux, light cycle 12:12 HD and 18-20℃.

Enzymolysis and the collection of somatic cells
Clean the brook stocks with f disinfectant seawater for many times and cut hem into 1-2 mm²cubes and clean them for many times and keep them dry. The common enzymes are sea snail enzyme, abalone enzyme, agarase and cellulase. And only cellulase can not separate the single cells of porphyra yezoensis and many kinds of enzymes will be better effect.

Somatic cell culture
The somatic cell culture methods are plate culture, suspension culture and pond culture. And main work is light, control of temperature, water change, cultivation water and microscopy cell survival rate. And the strongest light is 3000 lux; water is about 20℃ and not higher than 23℃; add nutrient solution at certain time and change new water and suitable ventilation.


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