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What Connection between Seaweeds and Seawater Purification

Views:2644 Author:WZH Publish Date:2017-11-10

In recent years, marine pollution has been a matter of urgency so that we have to face the problem. The common questions are marine eutrophication and ocean acidification. Some people express that seaweed planting can purify seawater and it can Inhibit seawater pollution to some extent. So is there any connection between seaweeds and seawater purification? And how to inhibit pollution for seaweeds? 

The blue ocean is the most precious resource on earth, and the oceans cover 71% of the earth's surface area which contains rich mineral resources, biological resources, power resources, medical resources, seawater resources and so on. The ocean has a great influence on the earth environment and climate of human habitation and has become an important part for the earth's life support system.

marine eutrophication

Marine eutrophication will affect the water quality and lower water transparency so that it is hard for sunshine to penetrate through the water which can affect photosynthesis of hydrophytes. Then the state of dissolved oxygen is over saturated which can be bad for aquatic animals and lead to the massive death of the fish.

When marine eutrophication appears, floating algae will bloom so that water will take on blue, red, borrow, milk white and so on. So this phenomenon will be called red tide.

ocean acidification

Ocean acidification means that the seawater is gradually turning acid because of absorbing too much CO2 in the air. Gas exchange is ongoing between ocean and air so that any released component of the atmosphere will be dissolved in the ocean. From the industrial revolution, huge volumes of fossil fuels in the form of gasoline, oil, coal and natural gas are used everyday so that the level of carbon in the atmosphere increases year by year.

When the oceans absorb CO2, a series of chemical reactions occur to make hydrion concentration increasing which make seawater more and more acid.

In the lower PH seawater, the food value of nutritive salt will go down and the ability to absorb nutritive salt for phytoplankton will be changed. And the more acid seawater will corrode marine life so that the biologic chain of the whole oceans will be affected.

Purified seawater for seaweed planting

Because the seaweeds are planted in the sea, seaweeds will absorb a lot of carbon, nitrogen and phosphorus during the growth process. Due to the fact that seaweeds can only grow in the   pollution-free and clean sea, it can lessen marine eutrophication and ocean acidification.

Seaweed planting is a green business. And seaweeds, as one of important marine commercial crop, have a unique charm with small leaves.  

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