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Rotten Seedling Prevention Methods in Seaweed Cultivation

Views:2773 Author:WZH Publish Date:2017-11-24

Seaweed cultivation has a high demand for temperature, wind power and seawater and the rotten seedling will directly affect the harvest, so that these factors must be prevented in seaweed cultivation.

    The main reasons of rotten seedling:  

No 1. Not free exchange of sea water leads to rotten seedling. Due to excessive density of seaweed cultivation and cultivation raft setting, there is no enough space for seaweed cultivation.
No.2. The obsolete concept of cultivation management method make seedling aging and curtain net cover over-dense seedling in bad environment, so that the seedlings are rotten.
No.3. Outbreak of bacteria or virus makes cultivation sea area polluted and natural disasters lead to rotten seedling.

     Major preventive measures for rotten seedling:    
1.clean the curtain net in time and get rid of sludge. If there is rotten seedling, please clean the mud on the curtain net. If the mud cover the seaweed ob the net, they will become rotten seedlings. So it is necessary to watch them often and clean the curtain net off mud to prevent rotten seedling;
2.Reasonably set cultivation area and lower cultivation density. Rationally set and arrange seaweed raft to flow tide and remove the curtain nets and rafts without seedlings.
3.Choose the new variety of porphyra yezoensis with the resistance to high temperature and disasters to control emergence rate of seedling from the origin;
4.Closely pay attention to water quality state from Marine environmental monitoring department and adopt the corresponding measures according to the real situation in sea area;
5.Long time in the open air. Floating-raft cultivation will prolong time in open air for at least four hours or dry the bad curtain net for one day than put into the sea.

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