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Home Seaweed with Sesame and Meat Floss

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Delicious seaweed with sesame and meat floss is rich nutrition with vitamins and fiber of seaweeds and protein of meat which is a balance portion of vegetables and meat, nutritious and delicious!

Meat floss is a traditional delicious food in China. According to reports from Marco Polo, Mongolian horsemen ever brought one kind of meat floss product. The production of meat floss is simple without extra processing. It is made from de-watered beef, mutton, pork, fish and chicken. Meat floss is a common snack in Asia like Mongolia, China, Japan, Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore.   


Crisp seaweed with meat floss

 Materials and production method  

Fresh pork, salt, sugar, five spice powder, seaweed, white sesame, oil, soy sauce

 Production method  

1. Select peeled pork trimming fat and deboning, remove surface debris and clean pork cluster

2. Put the pork into the pot to cook and water over the surface of pork, get pork out of the pot when it becomes soft

3. Put the pot into pan and shimmer it with low flame to make water evaporate slowly when fleshy is fluffy

4. Add seasoning, stir well and remove it from the pan

5. Freeze and select the pork with much oil and other impurities, loosen the pork with clot

6. Add oil in the pot, fry seaweed pellet and processed sesame, then add meat floss, then remove them from the pot


The taste of seaweed is fresh and delicious with rich nutrition and high iodine content. Seaweeds is the function of improving the memory, and there is about 15% alkali and essential elements to maintain normal physiological function like Ka, Ca, Mg, P, Fe, Zn, Cu, Mn and so on, especially rich Se ad I. These mineral substances will help maintain the body's PH balance, promote the growth and development of children and slow down aging for the elderly. The rich Ca, Fe elements of seaweed is good food to cure anaemia in women and children, promote the growth and health of skeleton and teeth and so on. The ingredient of fat in sesame is oleic acid to soften blood vessel, which is unsaturated fatty acid for the middle and old age people and an ideal food to protect blood vessel.

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