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Nutritious breakfast-- seaweed shao-mai

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Breakfast provides basic nutrition throughout the whole day and Its role cannot be neglected. There is a great variety of Chinese traditional breakfast, and the common are ones like steamed stuffed buns with many fillings, soybean milk, fried bread stick and so on. Shao-mai is a popular food in the market and originates from late Ming and early Qing dynasties in Yuan City, spreads into Beijing and it is called as shao-mai in Tianjin. It is popular in JIangsu, Zhejiang, Guangdong and Guangxi. Shao-mai is made by flour and many fillings. Today, let’s share the practice of seaweed shao-mai.

Material: two sheets of roasted seaweeds, 50g rice, 50g sticky rice, 50g pork, 30g peas, 30  carrots, 3 mushrooms

Seasoning: olive oil, salt, 20g oyster, 10ml soy sauce, 5ml cooking wine


1.Mix rice and sticky rice, cook them in advance and scatter(add sticky rice to increase the viscosity)
2.Dice the pork and add soy sauce, cooking wine, salt, and olive oil to souse them for 30 minutes
3.Slice all the vegetables and cut the roasted seaweeds into cubes
4.Add olive oil and fry the pork
5.Leave a little of oil in the wok, add pea, carrot, mushrooms and oyster to fry them, then add rice and meat to fry, finally add some salt
6.Put a spoon of fired rice onto the seaweed, and roll up the seaweed like shao-mai

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