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Unveil the Mystery of Longevity Greens-- Porphyra Yezoensis

Views:2072 Author:WZH Publish Date:2017-12-18

China is one of seaweed cultivation countries and the main varieties are porphyra yezoensis and porphyra haitanensis. The northern regions of Yangtze River like JIangsu and Shandong will specialize in porphyra yezoensis cultivation and the southern regions of Yangtze River like Zhejiang, Fujian, Gudong. And the porphyra yezoensis cultivation area is 7,290 hectares and the sea area is about 130,000 hectares.

The thallus of seaweed is laminar film structure of the monolayer cell with a high proportion of surface area. All the cells of algae can take in nutrition salt and transform it to new algae tissues with high economic and ecological benefits. Seaweed is also called as longevity greens because of rich vitamins and dietary fibers which are good for health. And seaweed is a rare healthy food.

Cultivating porphyra yezoensis will bring high economic and ecological benefits. Porphyra yezoensis cultivation will create economic profits about 5,000,000,000 yuan and shift 5,406 ton carbons, 1,208 ton nitrogen and 143 ton phosphorus to reduce the eutrophication index and increase ocean carbon sink.
Porphyra yezoensis, as one of edible large algae, is rich in protein, vitamin, mineral substance and dietary fiber with an important economic value. Jiangsu province is one of main producing areas for porphyra yezoensis and the production capacity has achieved the annual output of standard for about 500,000,000 sheets. And it covers share about 65% of the international market. And the seaweeds are exported to five continents and about 80countries and regions. The annual export volume is over 200,000,000 dollar and the total value of output is up to total value of 5,000,000,000 yuan.

Seaweed cultivation represents both social economic benefit and ecological benefit and adds a bright color for China's ecological civilization, which gets high attention and positive evaluation from the society.

Reference: Lu qinqin, Zhou wei, Deng yinyin; a study on economic and ecological benefits of porphyra yezoensis cultivation[J]; China Fisheries; 2016 NO 01

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