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Delicious and crisp fried chicken fillet with seaweed

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Seaweed powder is made by the progress of roasting and powdering porphyra yezoensis and it is the product for roasting, cuisine, seasoning and adding flavor. Adding seaweed powder will make products with unique seaweed flavor like chips with seaweed. Adding seaweed powder into cakes will make bread with seaweed and pancakes.

Delicious and crisp fried chicken fillet with seaweed
Main ingredient: chicken breast

Accessory: seaweed powder, breadcrumbs, salt, cooking wine, shallot, ginger, red chilli powder, flour, starch, sugar

Production method:

  Step 1  

Cut chicken breast to strips about 7-8cm;

  Step 2  

Souse chicken strips: clean the chicken strips and add salt, cooking wine, shallot and ginger into chicken strips for cold storage foe 8-12 hours;

  Step 3  

Add sugar, salt, flour, starch, red chilli powder and ice water and then add chicken strips into them, stir them well;

  Step 4  

Make breadcrumb with seaweed, mix seaweed powder with breadcrumb evenly at the ratio of 1:5;

  Step 5  

Cover seaweed breadcrumb: cover the chicken strips with seaweed breadcrumb and put them into a disinfectant dish(or in a cold storage)

Step 6: fry them in a frying pan until they are crisp

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