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Jiangsu laver association holding a forum for packaging material suppliers

Views:1501 From: jiangsu laver association Author:WZH Publish Date:2017-12-19

On Nov 24 2017, 2018 dry seaweed packaging material supplier forum is held Rudong tianyi seaweed trading market. Relevant personnel and all the dry seaweed packaging material suppliers attend this meeting presided over by , vice Chairman of jiangsu laver association, Marketing General Manager, Li Haiquan. And this meeting puts forward strict requirements about the processing, delivery, inspection and quality, especially for the problem of the decreased quality of the Rudong packing materials in recent years. The meeting stresses that we should establish quality awareness and strengthen supervision and inspection to ensure excellent quality of dry seaweed packaging materials in order to a satisfactory result.

The Meeting Summary is as Following:

  1.Strict specification and quality standard  

The cartons, aluminum foil bags and plastic bags must be according to foreign trade export standard from Market Supervision Administration and State Administration for Entry-Exit Inspection. And the market will carry on a periodic inspection on the quality of cartons, aluminum foil bags and plastic bags. The specification and quality standard are as follow:

1.1 the specification and quality standard of cartons

1.1.1specification requirement:

①the spec is 62*41*46cm;

②the outer paper is grade B with over 200g;

③the inside paper is grade B with over 175g;

④the high-strength corrugated paper is over 170g;

⑤the hard filling is over 200g;

⑥the single paper plate is over 200g and top left corner of the outer box prints imitation Song-Dynasty-style typeface in NO 01;

1.1.2 quality standard

①pop strength≥1100Kpa;

②Burst strength≥8.5J;

③edgewise compression strength≥6000N;

④adhesive strength≥588N/M;

⑤compressive strength≥3500N.

1.1.3 weight must not be lower than 1800g per one bag.

1.2 the specification and quality standard of aluminum foil bags
1.2.1 160g/㎡four-in-one aluminized composite materials, the first layer is kraft paper 80g/㎡, the second layer is PE film 23g/㎡, the third layer is PET film 17g/㎡, the fourth layer is PE film 40g/㎡;
1.2.2 the spec is a 2semi-finished product of .03m*0.98m, the length is 60cm, the width is 40cm, the height is 78cm and slit width is 2cm;
1.2.3 the weight is about 320g per one bag and the wall thickness is over 0.017cm;
1.2.4 the top left corner of the outer box prints imitation Song-Dynasty-style typeface in NO 01.

1.3 the specification and quality standard of plastic bags
1.3.1 food grade with high pressure plastic with good aperture;
1.3.2 the spec is 27cm*31cm*0.009cm;(the later spec is 27.5cm*31cm*0.009cm)the weight is over 650g per one bag;
1.3.3the bottom right corner of the outer box prints Bold black body typeface in NO 02.

It there us any problem about package quality, the suppliers must immediately take measures for remedy. And all the losses are borne by the suppliers.

2.Strict delivery and acceptance procedures
2.1 the suppliers must deliver goods to designated warehouse on time according to demands form membership factories;
2.2 No un-ordered delivery! Suppliers can not go on private transactions with membership factories and settled up with them for the goods. Once found the above two conditions, the supplier will be fined 10,000 yuan and be canceled the qualification for next year's bid.
2.3 The consignees must inspect the goods according to standard. If they are qualified, the Head of receiving unit will sign his name on the sheet of quality acceptance of dried seaweed packaging materials and the payment will be made by virtue of this sheet. If they are unqualified, the products will be rejected;
2.4 the suppliers will improve the quality and contact with membership factories on their own. And they will deliver the demanded quantity. In the later period, the delivery quantity is small and the suppliers can not lower the quality of service.

3.Strictly carry on five aspects to check the quality

3.1 self-inspection.

The suppliers must strictly check the packing quality and can not seek profit maximization. From raw materials to finished-product quality, they must strengthen self-examination before delivery. And the unqualified products cannot be delivered. At the same time, the suppliers must mark with special pleading to distinguish the fake ones from genuine ones;

3.2 first-inspection.

The unqualified products in the first inspection will be canceled for the qualification of delivery;

3.3 inspection.

The appointed people will take the delivery and go on inspection for the quality and quantity and fill in the sheet of quality acceptance of dried seaweed packaging materials;

3.4 spot inspection.

The market will go to factories to carry on sampling inspection.

3.5 re-inspection.

The market will go on necessary re-inspection for goods after the seaweeds are sent into the warehouse.

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