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Bacterial Colonies of Seaweeds from South Korea Exceeding and Rejected Delivery

Views:1257 From:万紫汇全球紫菜交易网 Author:WZH Publish Date:2017-12-20

In recent days, it is reported that in November, staff from Tianjin Inspection and Quarantine Bureau intercept seaweeds from South Korea including bacterial colonies of seaweeds from South Korea are exceeding the standard, they are rejected delivery.

[total number of bacterial colony] is a basic index for measuring food sanitary condition. The microbial index exceeds the standard, which will accelerate the deterioration of food, destroy the nutrients in food and lose edible values even if they are in shelf life.

Laboratory test results show that bacterial colonies of these three varieties of seaweeds are exceeding the standard according to demands of National Food Safety Standard -Algae and its Products, so staff from Inspection and Quarantine Bureau determine that they are unqualified products and supervise to return the products, which will prevent food safety incidents. Because of the long period of seaweed processing and complex steps, it is easy to led to exceeding bacterial colonies and secondary pollution. So it is necessary to carry on strict standard production procedures in the progress of production and processing.

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