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Green and Golden Circle with Seaweeds

Views:1505 From:万紫汇全球紫菜交易网 Author:WZH Publish Date:2017-12-21

In recent days, it is reported that in November, staff from Tianjin Inspection and Breakfast provides energy for the whole day and the most important combination of breakfast and is balanced nutrition, which is simple but delicious. Today, let’s make a dish of green and golden circle with seaweeds. The materials are nutritious marine vegetable--seaweed and broccoli with the name of vegetable crown. Green and golden circle with seaweeds is not only simply made, but also fresh and delicious, which can not be missed.

Broccoli, egg, seaweed,salt

01 clean the broccoli, break it into small parts and blanch
02 smash the broccoli
03 break the egg, add chopped broccoli and salt, stir well
04 slowly pour the egg mixture around the pan, make it flat
05 take out a sheet of seaweed, and put the flat egg cake on the seaweed to make sushi nori

06 cut it into 5cm cubes

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