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How about the last harvest batch seaweed nutrition compared with the first harvest batch?

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Seaweeds are a kind of alga in the sea with rich nutrition. The seaweeds can be harvested four-sit times. The seaweeds from the first harvest are called “head harvest batch” or “the first harvest batch” seaweeds and the last harvest seaweeds are called “ the last harvest batch” seaweeds.
The first harvest batch seaweeds are fresh taste with few quantities. And they are very popular among consumers. What’s the value for the last harvest batch seaweeds? And are there any edible values?

The nutrition differences between the first harvest batch and the last harvest batch
The protein content of the last harvest batch seaweeds is much less than the first harvest seaweeds with higher fiber content. It is reported that the coarse fiber of the last harvest batch porphyra haitanensis(5.11%) is increasing, and that crude protein(35.30%), crude fat(0.51%), total sugar(34.57%) and polysaccharide(20.67%) contents are decreasing with no change about ash content(10.37%). And the last harvest batch seaweeds are a high-protein, high-dietary fiber, low-fat, low-calorie health food.

The edible values of the last harvest batch seaweeds
The most characteristic feature of the last harvest batch is high dietary fiber content. Dietary fiber has many physiological functions of relaxing the bowels, controlling blood sugar concentration and reducing blood fat. Eating one sheet of seaweeds every day can improve the immune function of the human body and reduce the occurrence of colorectal cancer. Dietary fibers can reduce the duration time of food in the intestines, reduce the absorption of toxic substances and eliminate harmful substances such as mercury and cadmium, which can adjust the colon.

Nutritious values for the last harvest batch seaweeds
Eating seaweeds for a long time will prevent cardiovascular disease and lower blood cholesterol. In addition, dietary fibers will make mang good benefits for human beings. And seaweeds are suitable for subhealthy people group.

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