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Lianyungang Instant Seaweeds Reaching an All-time High

Views:1699 Author:WZH Publish Date:2017-12-31

From January to November in 2017, the value of instant seaweeds exported from Lianyungang is up to 4,4000,000 dollar, increased by 46% compared with the same period in last year, which reaches an all-time high.
Instant seaweeds are processed by the raw materials seaweeds, and they mainly exported to such many countries as Japan, Russia, the USA and Europe. There is a great variety of instant seaweeds like seasoned seaweeds, roasted seaweeds and so on. Because of good quality, they are deeply favored by foreign consumers.

Seaweeds are rich in micro-elements and dietary fibers. Such micro-elements as choline, I, Ca, Fe and so on will improve the memory, treat woman anemia, and promote growth and health care of skeleton and teeth. In addition, mannitol in seaweeds can lower blood pressure and treat goiter. It is worth mentioning that porphyra polysaccharide will enhance immunity function, promote lymphocyte transformation, and reduce the total amount of serum cholesterol.

The export data of instant seaweeds reflect the good momentum of development in the seaweed industry and seaweeds are perfectly acceptable by more and more people. In Japan and south Korea, seaweeds are necessary diet and per capita consumption is higher than any other country.

At present, Lianyungang seaweeds have become national protected geographic indication products, whose cultivation and processing have been Lianyungang seawater aquaculture characteristic industry and an important point of economic increase. To promote the development of export seaweed industry in Lianyungang, Lianyungang Inspection and Quarantine Bureau will further optimize the inspection and supervision mode and innovate services. And it will organize and conduct laboratory testing ability regularly and the training about food safety statutes to improve the self-control ability and quality safety principal responsibility consciousness. And it will lead enterprises to expand domestic markets and enhance the influence and competitiveness of enterprise products.

At present, Jiangsu Ruixue Haiyang Technology Co., Ltd has become the demonstration enterprise and it has built a industry chain for seaweed production from cultivation, processing to sales and “Nichimo” laver machines directly promote the development of seaweed processing industry.

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